Lynne Wright Art - Salmon Arm BC Artist

Artist Lynne Wright, currently lives in beautiful rural Salmon Arm with her partner and two Australian Shepherds. She is a colorist painting solely in oils. Lynne works both in her studio and does pleine aire in the beautiful Shuswap country side. She currently paints landscapes, animals and birds in vivid and bold colors. She also paints with other artists mainly throughout various regions of British Columbia.

Even at a very early age Lynne, also known as Lindy by family, had an ardent love for Nature. She and her artist father Alex Wright, spent many early mornings walking in the Ontario Laurentian Shield around Lake Superior.

Alex was taught by one of the last of the famous Group of Seven Canadian artists.

Lynne learned from her father as she sat on the rocky grounds while he worked on his pleine aire paintings. She would not be left behind with the rest of the family to sleep this precious time away. Little did she know both her father’s life and time spent with him would be cut short. Learning from his and her husband’s early demise that life is finite and longevity is promised to no one!

Life must be lived fully accomplishing what we most love. For Lynne this means painting how she sees the World and Nature and painting it whole heartedly. She has shown her paintings in Alberta, and British Columbia including Kamloops, 100 Mile House, Kelowna, and Blind Bay; also in various wineries in Kelowna. Lynne is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, participating in their annual pleine aire painting retreats.

She designed her lake home and lived on Sheridan Lake in the Cariboo for many years with her Australian Shepherds, Obiwan and Catie. Living with and photographing frequent visits of black bears, fox, cougars, and a wide variety of waterfowl and birdlife.

As a child Lynne drew initially with pencil and later while working as a critical care nurse and raising three children, she belonged to various art clubs painting in watercolor, acrylics and oils. In the 70,s she lived in SE Asia for 5 years, rode her own motorcycle into the surrounding villages and learned much about Indonesian Culture and the art of painting Batik. Painting was done with wax and dyes on cloth in the Asian traditional manner; while sitting on a rattan mat under the hot Asian skies.

Her paintings have been juried by the Federation of Canadian Artists and as a result is currently an active member of the FCA.  Lynne has shown her art work in Kamloops at the Old Courthouse, at Parkside Gallery 100 Mile House, Kelowna wineries and in various other Art Shows throughout AB and BC over the years.  She has served as a board member more recently on the [SCAS] Southern Cariboo Art Council, planning art events and services for that region.

Enjoy her gallery of Available works.

Lynne Wright Artist